Established in 2012, the European Network of Migrant Women (ENoMW) is a migrant-women led, feminist, secular, non-partisan platform that advocates for the rights, freedoms and dignity of migrant, refugee and ethnic-minority women and girls in Europe.
The diverse membership of the Network includes women from almost all regions of the globe and extends to over 50 grassroot and advocacy groups in over 20 European countries.
Through collaborative actions with its members – organisations, groups and individual migrant feminists – the ENoMW promotes capacity-building and access to rights and justice, as well as representation among migrant and refugee woman at both European and international levels.
Collectively, the Network fosters a safe space where girls and women of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds can come together to support each other, forge alliances and build solidarity across differences and borders.

Human Rights of Afghan Women

Past, Present and Future

22 March 2022

The European Network of Migrant Women, jointly with their colleagues from the European Women Lawyers Association and the Spanish Women’s Lobby, organised the Human Rights of Afghan Women : Past, Present and Future, hosted by the Spanish Congress of Deputies. During the event, the speakers highlighted the unacceptable treatment of women and girls by the Taliban including their denial of basic human rights such as access to education, work and free movement. Concerning the Afghan women and children who have been or are in the process of being resettled in Spain, the European Network of Migrant Women and the Spanish Women’s Lobby urged the Spanish government to exercise the fair treatment of all refugees regardless of their ethnic origin or religion, and, to review and harmonise its integration policies with the EU and International human rights law and to uphold its commitment to the fundamental rights: to privacy & family life, freedom of movement, right to a life free from all kinds of violence.

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Migrant Mothers in Europe Celebrating Mothers’ Month Together

May 2022

In May 2022, in the frames of the AMIF-funded project MUMS AT WORK, European Network of Migrant Women ran an awareness-raising about, for and with migrant mothers. During the campaign migrant mothers’ contributions into the European societies and the obstacles they face.

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Undocumented Migrant Women : A Neglected Chapter in Fundamental Rights Protection

23 June 2022

During the COVID pandemic, in partnership with legal firms of TrustLaw (Thomson Reuters Foundation), ENoMW conducted a legal mapping on undocumented migrant women’s access to fundamental rights in nine European countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Spain, Sweden and Greece) as well as EU level. The report also examines access to rights of four groups at risk of losing documented status, (women asylum seekers, migrant women victims of domestic violence, women victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation and female domestic workers).

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Migrant Women Addressing specific needs for full digital learning

12 October 2022

To mark Europe Code and in the frames of the Teach Digital project which aims at increasing the digital Learning outcome of lower-skilled migrant and ethnic minority backround women, EnoMW hosted a worksjop addressing the specific needs of migrant women in the digital sphere. The workshop consisted of a series of thematic presentations by migrant women experts in the fields of digital rights, digital content creation and migrant women’s rights. Throughout the workshop, the experts shared concrete practices and rools aimes at enhancing digital skills of migrant women – from communication to content creation, from problem-solving to online safety.

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Supporting Migrant Women Victims of Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation in Europe

18 October 2022

To mark the EU against Trafficking in Human Beings and, in the frameworks of the EU-funded project COALESCE, aimed at providing comprehensive psycho-social support to the female migrant victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation in Europe, this event brought together international experts, partners of the COALESCE project and survivors. Together they discussed project results and best practices and approaches to in the context of the current legislative frameworks on trafficking and sexual exploitation.

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