The Universidade de Vigo (Galicia, Spain) is a dynamic public higher education institution, which offers a wide range of degrees distributed in three specialized and innovative university campuses. Inclusion, equity and diversity are among the basic elements in Universidade de Vigo’s ADN. atlanTTic is the research center for telecommunication technologies driven by the University of Vigo. Among other technical fields, atlanTTic carries out R&D activities to facilitate human communications through technology and to introduce technologies to promote the wellbeing of people, with an emphasis on people in risk of social exclusion due to age, gender, disabilities or socio-economic status. Universidade de Vigo contributes to the Worldplaces project a multidisciplinary team composed of researchers from atlanTTic and from the Education & Social Work School at the Ourense Campus. The latter provide their knowledge and experience in the training of educators to design and deploy didactic materials for socio-educational intervention. Our team created the Thinklusion portal for Workplaces, which contains procedures and tools based on the Design Thinking methodology. The Thinklusion toolbox is aimed at professionals of entities whose mission is to achieve the labour inclusion of low-skilled migrant women.